Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sinful Colors Sinful Shine: More shine or just more bucks?

For my first review on here I thought it would only be right that I show you the polish that I just put on.  I was in Walgreens a few days ago and saw a small Sinful Colors Leather Luxe display and in the middle of it was this shiny capped bottle that I had never seen before.  I don't really care for matte polish so the pretty, shiny cap stole my attention.  Immediately I took out my phone and Googled Sinful Shine with Gel Tech and was pleased to read that this was a new collection that claims to have much more shine than regular Sinful polish.  I grabbed the only one that they had, Who's the Gloss, went home and put it with the rest of my stash in my kitchen cabinet (hubby hates it!). 

Tonight on my way home my husband texted me asking me to pick up paper towels, we're potty training our daughter so we've been going through them FAST, I decided to stop at another Walgreens that was on my way to see if there were any more of these shiny pretties.  I found a tiny display tucked away in a corner next to a huge Wet n' Wild display and was so happy!  A lot of the colors are very vibrant and more like summer colors, being that its September I'm getting into my fall polish and decided to pick up two of the darker, warmer colors.

The first polish that I tried is Tan Lines, which is a warm rose color that I absolutely love since I really dig neutral polish.  The formula was just as pleasant as other Sinful Colors polish, and actually this one is a perfect one coater.  I applied two coats, I think just out of habit, and was really amazed with the shine!  I still put a top coat on just to avoid chips and any damage or maybe again just out of habit, but the shine was definitely more noticeable. 

Here you can see Tan Lines taken with a flash.  It looks much more pink than it really is, it has more of a burnt rose look in person.

The following two pictures you can see what the color looks like without a flash.  I was unable to get an accurate outdoor shot since its after midnight here and that would be pretty pointless

Here is the sad little display that I had to search for.  I don't know if you can tell but it was tucked in the corner and hidden by a much larger display of Wet n' Wild polish.


I really feel that Sinful Colors doesn't get the credit that it truly deserves!  It is by far my favorite drug store polish and just about the only one that I will go out of my way to look for.  I mean honestly, when they have their $0.99 sale I literally go to 3 different Walgreens out here on Staten Island to see if I can get as many as possible.  Just to let you know, these are not $1.99 but $2.99 and I feel worth every dollar!  I wish they had more warm toned fall colors, maybe not a ton of blue polish either but I really shouldn't complain, I'm actually a little upset that I didn't pick up their basic black or white polish but I'm sure I'll make my way back there.


  1. This is a really nice color. It really does look extra shiny, even with your top coat. I have a handful of Sinful Colors and really like them. I'll have to look for these new shinies on my next drugstore trip!

  2. What a pretty color. I have been meaning to check out this new Sinful Colors line.