Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mommy's 5 Shades of Gray

Good evening!!!!  I am so sorry that this post is coming at such a late hour, Gia has been having a hard time going to sleep lately.  She has been throwing tantrums, screaming and crying, asking to come downstairs and paint nails with me.  As cute as that sounds, it's heartbreaking to listen to and harder to put my foot down and get her to sleep.  They don't lie when they call it the Terrible Two's!

Now, tonight I asked on Facebook what you would all like to see and the majority of you asked for my favorite shades of gray.  If you know me then you know I have a love of gray nail polish!  No matter if it is crème, matte, glitter, jelly, I just love gray nail polish.  I feel like it can be worn anytime of the year but it looks extra cozy and very sharp in the fall, if you ask me.

I have chosen my top five favorite gray nail polish and I made sure to include drug-store brand, main stream and indie for you all.  Having a beautiful gray polish shouldn't be limited to super expensive or hard to find brands, but there are a lot of grays out there that are pretty crumby too.  So lets get started with number five:

Maybelline Impeccable Greys is a very dark gray with a subtle bluish tone to it.  It can almost look navy or black in the right lighting, but it is a true gray.  I made sure to use three coats here because there was a bit of a transparency issue with it, not in a jelly type of way but just in a thinner formula way.  I think its absolutely beautiful and it had to make the top five!
Number four on my list is Nicole by OPI My Empire...My Rules.  This polish is a gray but it does have a brownish-green tint to it.  The formula is excellent and I love the way the color looks different indoors and then in sunlight.  Two coats was the perfect amount and I didn't have a single problem with the application.

Number three on the countdown is Essie Power Clutch, this one is an oldie but definitely a goodie!  It is a cool, neutral toned gray that can be worn any time of year.  The formula is almost a one coater but I played it safe and applied two.  I absolutely love how beautiful it looks and when I think of dark gray polish this is what comes to mind.
Number two is a new brand added to my collection this week, Chick Polish Gr8 Gray Owl.  When I was offered it in a swap I had to snag it because it is a brand I have been wanting to try.  This shade is a much cooler gray, I think due to the subtle light blue undertones in it, and a very creamy polish as well.  It too was almost a one coater but again I applied two just to make sure the application was nice and even.  I was very impressed with the formula and will be buying more Chick Polish in the future.
The moment you have all been scrolling for, my number one gray polish is... OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts!!!  To me, this polish sums up all of the other great shades I have chosen.  It is a polish that can be viewed as a beautiful deep gray, or even as a neutral.  I feel it is a polish that is appropriate for all occasions and also any time of the year.  The formula was perfect to work with, not too thin or thick, no flooding, no clumping, there aren't any visible brush strokes and you have a perfect full creamy coverage with two coats.  There aren't any blue, green or brown undertones in this polish at all, it is entirely GRAY!
If you're able to get your hands on any of these definitely grab them, they'll be worth the money because you will get plenty of use out of them.  I think I like gray so much because it can be worn any time of the year, unlike a bright neon pink or dark brown, and it can be worn for any occasion and look stunning.
I hope you all enjoyed my top five shades of gray and thank you to those who chose this for tonight's blog post, I had a ball!


  1. Cant forget Barielle U-Concrete-Me and China Glaze Concrete Catwalk :). I LOVE greys :)

  2. I love Essie Power Clutch! My favorite all time grey has to be China glaze stone cold. Perfect for those cold days coming up....great post!