Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Colors by Llarowe: Smooth Criminal and Vamp

Well it's Wednesday guys, we made it half way through the week so pat yourselves on the back!  It has been unbelievably hot here in NYC and trying to find things to entertain the baby with just keeps getting harder and harder the older she gets.  Enough mommy griping though and on to the polish!

I have two beauties lined up for tonight and I think you're all really going to love them!  I would say the majority of us know the Miss Leah Ann Larowe for her amazing Llarowe website with unbelievable and hard to find beauties.  We all also know that she has started her own line, Colors by Llarowe and tonight I will be showing you Smooth Criminal and Vamp.

I'm going to be perfectly honest and tell you that I kept some distance from the Llarowe Facebook page and shop after the whole Lynnderella drama that happened last year.  This was at no fault of Leah Ann's but the drama was just insane, the amount of nonsense that she deals with puts my patience to shame.  I found myself back at the Llarowe shop looking for Enchanted Polish and once again, the BS that some girls were causing was enough to make anyone go nutty.  I really give it to her, the complaints, the booty kissing thinking they're going to get something free, trying to be a new BFF, the crying, the whining, and with all of it she came out with some beautiful polish!

I found that the easiest time for me, personally, to shop on her site is when there isn't a huge restock going on.  Granted, you may have a harder time finding things in stock but trust me there are some great hidden gems on her page, not only when she is having a promotion or restock.  I have bought some awesome Emily De Molly's and A England polish, but I did get my two CbL's when she restocked her polish.

Smooth Criminal totally blew me away!  I love blue holo's and this one goes right up there as my fav next to A England Tristam.  This color is from her Tribute to Michael Jackson collection and she definitely honored him well.  It is a bluish purple holo and almost a one coater, the pigment is very deep but I decided to go with two coats and it was just perfect!

The next color I picked up was not from The Michael Jackson collection, Vamp stood out to me for its name and the vividness in the red pigment.  When I put it on I was expecting something a little darker due to the name but it is a deep red, almost crimson, linear holo.  I used three coats in my application but two coats would be just as beautiful. 

Both formulas were perfect to work with, I don't have one single complaint.  There weren't any streaks, brush marks, no flooding or cleanup needed.  The pigments are very deep and they can almost be one coaters, but two complete the job.  All in all, Leah Ann makes a beautiful product and I will definitely be buying more Colors by Llarowe when they become available.  If you would like to take a look for yourself just click Llarowe to visit her shop and for her Facebook page you can "like" her here.  Lets keep her page drama free, complaints to a minimum and just enjoy pretty polish!
Just think, the week is half over!  I hope you all have a great night and I'll be back soon with another beauty for you.

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