Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jindie Nails Swatches and Review!

Good evening guys!  I know it's been a bit since my last post, but my computer has been giving me some problems and I wasn't able to get on.  The last week has been extremely hectic, we're getting ready to leave tomorrow morning for Salem so we can be there during their Halloween events, but I wanted to share these swatches with you all before I leave.  There's not much for the kids to do here in Staten Island for Halloween, aside from banging on our neighbors doors asking for candy, so we decided that a nice trip to Salem is in order.  Last year Hurricane Sandy hit us pretty hard and Halloween was "cancelled", Gia was only 19 months so it wasn't the end of the world but I wanted to make sure she got to wear her Minnie Mouse costume this year.

On to the polish! 

I have some beautiful polish from Jindie Nails to show off tonight, one of them is perfect for Halloween so I will start with that.  Monster's Ink has a "bright yellow/green base similar to the color of Mike from Monsters Inc.. It has several fun glitters in it including matte light purple dots, matte dark purple diamonds, metallic violet medium dots, lilac holo large & medium dots, teal holo large dots, matte satin teal hex & squares, light green metallic dots, magenta large & small squares, silver dots, mauve small squares, pastel pink matte dots, white dots, lime green holo dots and hex, matte kelly green dots and diamonds and satin matte teal hex and just a few satin matte teal stars & diamonds."  I had fun with this polish since it was full of so many beautiful glitters, it is extremely bright and screams HALLOWEEN on your nails.

The next polish that I had to try was Anniversary Seaquins, this beauty was made to honor the one year anniversary of Jindie Nails.  "This one is a beautiful medium blue shimmer crelly with light pink opaque dots, pastel yellow opaque dots, pastel peach opaque dots, moss green metallic squares, magenta large and small squares, mauve squares, light green metallic dots, kelly green matte medium dots, matte white dots & opaque matte medium purple dots. It's meant to be worn on its own and opaque in 2-3 coats."  Once again, there was no need to fish for glitter and placement was nice and easy.  I do recommend a nice thick topcoat since there is so much glitter, I used Glitter Tamer here.

I was surprised to see the next polish because it wasn't the "usual" Jindie, it's a snazzy, sophisticated, tamed but fun polish.  Harlow Can You Go is an exclusive for Harlow & Co. and boy oh boy is it beautiful!  It is a nude, shimmer crelly with tons and tons of different glitter throughout.  There is a mix of purple, gold teal and burgundy glitter in all shapes and sizes including dots, squares and hexes.  Again, I recommend a nice thick topper for this polish and the application was just as easy as the others.

Lastly, I bring to you guys Electric Grape.  "Electric Grape has a bright neon purple, magenta toned jelly/crelly base with intense neon blue shimmer."  This polish has been revamped and I had full coverage in three coats which built up perfectly.  There weren't any problems with pooling, cleanup or streaks and I used a regular topcoat to seal the deal.

If you want a polish that is bright, fun, vivid and stands out from the rest then Jindie Nails is definitely the polish for you!  There are so many beautiful colors and they're available in mini, medium and full sized bottles by visiting the Jindie Nails site.  You can also stay up to date with news, releases and promotions by becoming a fan of the Jindie Nails Facebook fan page.
I hope you all have a spooky and happy Halloween and I will be back at the end of the week, when we get home, with more beautiful polish for you. 

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