Thursday, October 3, 2013

Goodbye August and THANK YOU!

Hey guys! What a week I've had!! The baby was sick with a virus, which has finally run it's course, the hubby has been working 16 hour days so I haven't had an extra set of hands around the house, and my dopey dog injured his paw. Turns out my 140lb Rottweiler, which sounds so huge and aggressive but he's really a kitten, has allergies which irritated his toes. He wound up licking his knuckle bare to the bone and now has an infection in between his toes! For any of you who have had to take a furry, four legged baby to the vet you know what an expense this can be. What else to do but start selling some polish to raise some puppy funds. Tonight I had to say goodbye to one of my cherished polishes, Enchanted Polish August.

Now, when mentioning Enchanted Polish a lot of different emotions come out of people, I find that they either love it or can't be bothered. I think mainly because of how hard they are to find and then the price gauging on eBay. Personally, I don't think it's anyone's business what someone decides to spend their money on, but I do understand the frustration of not being able to get a polish you'd truly love. I mean we all have lemmings though, right?

I delved into the Enchanted Polish world very recently, just a few months ago and I do find a lot of them to be beautiful, but I have had some that I didn't think we're worth the aggravation of a restock. A few weeks ago I did get my hands on a beauty, August. This polish was amazing to me! It is not as bright as Water For Unicorns, but instead a beautiful deep blue/teal linear holo that is great for the end of summer beginning of fall.  The application was great, not as thick as I have found some other Enchanted's to be, and two coats built up perfectly.

August was definitely one of the Enchanted's that I never thought I would part with, but I had to put my big girl panties on and do what needed to be done to help the big boy.  I must give credit to the lovely ladies who are in Enchanted Polish nail groups with me, they rallied together and spread the word that I was parting with my polish.  They helped Guinness and I out, and also helped out girls who were trying to scratch off some polish from their ISO's.  I was truly touched tonight by all the love, help and prayers that I received for my guy, it was overwhelming and truly appreciated!
I hope you all had a great week, and have an even better weekend!  I will keep you posted on Guinness and again, thank you so much!  If you haven't entered the giveaway you still have a few days left so get those entries in!!!!


  1. So sorry to hear about your baby and puppy I hope they recover soon. The polish is so beautiful, the holo-ness mmmmf love!

  2. Poor Guiness! That sounds so painful! I hope he gets better ASAP!

  3. Aw my daughter is 3, shes sick atm and I am also. Hope things get better for ya!