Monday, October 21, 2013

Literary Lacquers: You Do Not Want to Miss This!

Good evening guys!  I hope everyone is having a great night and that your week started off well, it was a busy day here but Gigi is down and it's some much needed Mommy time right now.  This week is supposed to start getting very cold here in NYC, so I wanted to get Gia out as much as I could today before we are stuck indoors and I'm having daydreams of bashing my head into one of the walls.  This meant the park, lots of walking around, visiting a friend recovering from surgery, the park again, then company from my sister and niece.  The little one definitely wore herself out, got nice and cranky before bed and now my house is QUIET!

I know a few weeks ago I showed you guys Strawberry Ice Cream Soma from Literary Lacquers and it received some great feedback, so I thought I would bring you some more from this amazing indie line.  Tonight, I will be sharing three more beauties made by the very talented Amy of Literary Lacquers.

First I bring to you Bionic Mmmm-Detector, you have to love these names!  "This polish was inspired by Vox by Nicholson Baker, published in 1990. This entire book is one long anonymous phone sex conversation over a 1-900 number. This book, published in the midst of the AIDS crisis represents the ultimate safe sex in a pre-Internet era. This book gained even more notoriety as the book famously given to President Bill Clinton by the young intern Monica Lewinsky.

Bionic Mmmm-Detector is a black jelly polish packed with aqua, teal, blue and green microglitter."

The formula was perfect to work with and I didn't have a hard time with glitter placement, fishing, building or clean-up.  I was able to apply two coats freely and it had a wonderful finish, there was no need for a very thick top coat, any will suffice since the glitter does not curl at all.

Look at that glitter in the light, absolutely lovely.  Removal was a breeze too, I didn't have to use the foil method and my nails are super soft but they weren't dinged or damaged.  The polish lasted a nice 3 days before I had the tiniest chip on the side of my thumb, and you all know how Mommy chores can ruin a perfect manicure, so that is saying a lot.
Next I want to show you Midsummer Night's Dream, "this polish was created to evoke the starry midnight sky as seen through the eyes of a fairy. Deep shimmery blue, with small gold squares, black hexes, and holographic gold hexes, this polish shimmers and glows on the nail, drawing you into its dream world."  The description couldn't be any more accurate because it really does have a glowing effect to it when the light catches it.  The gold squares are amazing against the deep blue.

An absolutely stunning, deep but yet bright, blue.  I received many compliments on this polish, and again was able to wear it for three days without any chips.  The glitter application was great, it went on smoothly and I was able to use Out the Door top coat as I normally would.  If you are able to get your hands on this polish I highly recommend it.
Lastly I bring to you my favorite of the bunch, If It Pleases You, which is also from the Good Parts Collection.  "This polish was inspired by The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice, originally published in 1983 under the pseudonym A. N. Roquelaure. It’s a kinky fairy tale, telling us what happens after the prince wakes Sleeping Beauty (not with a kiss this time…). If it pleases you is what Beauty is taught to answer questions by her masters.  If It Pleases you is a deep plum with a touch of brown (or bruise colored if you will) linear holographic polish. 2 coats will give full coverage. In my experience, topcoat does not dull the holographic effect."  With the first stroke I was able to see the full plum pigment in this beauty and really had to stop and stare at it, I just kept saying to myself "this is gorgeous, this is gorgeous."  I started with two coats, and could have left it alone there but since it built so well I took it to three.  Take a look at two coats.

That rainbow, holo effect is just amazing and the finish was nice and smooth, not grainy or bumpy  like some holos can sometimes be.  I took this beauty to three coats and here is what it looks like.

I added a top coat to If It Pleases You and it did not dull the holo effect at all, I wanted so badly to capture it in the sunlight but Mother Nature was working against me for a few days.
If you haven't tried Literary Lacquers yet, now is a perfect time to snag your first few!  There is a special promotion going on at the Etsy shop until October 27th and you will receive 20% off by using coupon code YAY1YEAR.  You can also stay up to date with releases, promos and news by becoming a fan of the Literary Lacquers Facebook page.
I hope you all enjoyed these swatches and get on over to Literary Lacquers to get your own.  Later this week I have some great finds, and a custom to show you so be on the lookout.  Have a great week guys and an even better evening!

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